Should I insure my pet ?

Simple answer … unless you’ve won the lottery ….yes ! 

Seriously guys it’s a no brainer . Vet bills can soon rack up . The amount of times we have seen a little puss cat come in that has been hit by a car and is not insured is crazy and it’s heartbreaking too . It is distressing for you and us when this happens and no treatment can be given and euthanasia is the only option. 
 Yes you have to pay out monthly and you may never ever need to claim money back from your insurance company but isn’t it comforting to know you have that safety net just incase so fluffy can get the treatment he needs when or if needed ? 
As pets get older ailments crop up , pain relief for arthritis , blood tests , ear problems , eye problems … £££ pound signs add up . 

“But I prefer to save money in an account every month instead” 
Ok I can see this working maybe if you have a substantial sum of money in your money pot initially and put a decent sum in per month but what if your fur baby gets hit by a car and the vet says “I’m sorry mrs Edwards but buddy is going to need to be referred to a specialist for treatment of the multiple fractures he has and this is going to cost roughly £5000 ” is your pot going to be able to cough up that amount ? 

And what about butch with his lifelong skin conditions which is costing £100 a month for medications will your pot cover this ? And what if on top of butches skin problem he eats something toxic and has to be hospitalised for 48 hours and kept on a drip and the bill is £300 ? And then a week later he’s back in because he’s done the same again? Will your pot cover this ? 

Pet insurances which cover your animal for their lifetime are a god send ! Direct claims can even be set up in most cases so that £5000 for fluffy’s referral surgery doesn’t even have to leave your bank account you just pay the excess of your insurance policy which in fluffys’ case is £54 and your insurance company gives a cheque straight to your vets. Every year you could have thousands of claimable pounds if your animal should need it . Will your pot have that amount ? 
Insuring your pet is responsible ownership , it’s not a con , it’s a lifeline , a comfort blanket , a safety net , preparing for both the unexpected and inevitable and providing the best possible care you can give to your fur baby without having to remortgage your house or sell your car. 
Unfortunately there is no NHS for animals , it’s private healthcare all the way and ‘do everything you can ‘ comes with a price tag.
Just please think about it 🙂 

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